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  • Career Coaching: Are you ready to make a change and embrace your real passion and purpose? Or is it time for you to overcome those obstacles and really grow your current business or passion project?

  • Creativity Coaching: Could you use support in finding inspiration for your next masterpiece, or encouragement as you navigate the process?

  • Confidence Coaching - It's time to reclaim the confident, self assured you and pursue your best life, isn't it?

  • Coping Coaching - Whatever struggles and challenges you're facing, you don't have to do it alone anymore!



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"I had been in a family court 'battle' for multiple years over child contact with my abusive ex partner and felt so demoralized and traumatized from it. I was feeling more and more helpless as each month passed and I needed techniques to help me deal with it. I felt at ease with the techniques you showed me over video call. There were plenty and they were easy to replicate. I particularly liked the anchor tool where I was guided to think of my happy place whilst holding onto a particular point... it would remind me of the happy place again. I used this at court hearings and it helped to calm me down. I am so blessed to have had the experience of learning from you and your knowledge, you're a very kind, loving and caring person and your strength and determination to get through difficult times whilst helping others is inspiring. Thank you so much for all that you do."


Confidence Coaching

"I'm delighted to share my experience about the coaching sessions with Lena which had such a positive impact on me. Lena's professional competence helped me to overcome my problem and provided inspiration for personal growth. Lena's remarkable ability to tap into your subconscious and exceptional expertise to guide you toward positive change is very effective. It's inspiring to know how transformative such sessions can be in empowering individuals to overcome challenges and reach new levels of self-improvement. Thank you Lena very much.."

-Ginta Elsone



'I just want to thank you Lena for our coaching session I recently had. I had put forward a date and time to do presentation and one person showed up. I was so discouraged and thought that I was not good enough. Lena, in her kind caring way lead me to see the positive and how I could change a few things if were to do this again. I took action from her coaching and launched a pilot project which created a warm environment for the participants. If not for the coaching from you Lena, I would not have taken that next step. My self confidence and belief in my self has grown considerably from my experience with you. I highly recommend Lena."

- Mike

Creativity Coaching

"I needed an insightful perspective on multiple fiction writing projects. Our work together helped me refine my work, identify issues to be a more effective communicator and storyteller. Future readers are going to benefit greatly from the support I received! The creative and prompt support, I couldn't have asked for more! Thank you so much for everything you've done!""

- DB


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